🌈 Happy Pride Month! 🌈

Author: Jess Lane

Jess Lane
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Here at Search Talent, we believe that diversity fuels innovation, and inclusion ignites success. As we build our (and your) professional networks, let’s remember the power of embracing diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive environment.

By valuing unique backgrounds, experiences, and ideas, we unlock the limitless potential of collaboration and creativity. When people from different walks of life come together, we create stronger teams, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable results. Let’s celebrate our differences and seek out opportunities to learn from one another.

By embracing diversity, we open doors to new insights, fresh perspectives, and growth. Together, we can challenge biases, break barriers, and build a more inclusive future for all.

Join Search Talent in championing diversity and inclusion, especially this Pride Month! Let’s create workplaces where everyone feels heard, respected, and empowered.

Together, we can make a difference.
Together, we can create a world where diversity flourishes, and inclusion becomes second nature.
Together, we can build a brighter future for ourselves and the generations to come.

I have highlighted some amazing LGBTQIA+ organisations below that always need your help, especially during Pride Month.

✨ BeLonG To Youth Services: BeLonG To is a national organization supporting LGBTQIA+ young people in Ireland. They provide a range of services, including youth groups, counselling, and advocacy. Website: https://www.belongto.org/


✨ TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland): TENI is an organization dedicated to advancing the rights and equality of transgender people in Ireland. They provide support, resources, and advocacy to the transgender community and work towards a more inclusive society. Website: https://www.teni.ie/


✨ Outhouse LGBT+ Community Resource Centre: Outhouse is a community centre that provides a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQIA+ community in Dublin. They offer a variety of services, including support groups, information resources, and social events. Website: https://www.outhouse.ie/


✨ ShoutOut: ShoutOut is an organization that promotes inclusion and supports LGBTI+ awareness in schools, colleges, and workplaces. They deliver workshops and training sessions to create safer environments for LGBTQIA+ people and tackle issues such as homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. Website: https://www.shoutout.ie/

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