Talent Pools and Breaking Down Borders

Maybe it is because the suns out. I am working from home on my balcony. Sipping coffee in a pair of shorts. Having a great night’s sleep with no commute the following morning. Gym at lunchtime after starting work an hour earlier. Working later most days. No feeling of being in a hurry, late or tired. It got me thinking. What have we learned about our new work-from-anywhere modus operandi?

We have more access to high skilled workers outside of our local market – as it has been observed by many businesses I work with. Certain cities have a limited talent pool for certain skills. Why have we not looked remotely before for fresh ideas & a more progressive culture? Access to the skills you cannot find locally.

The business I partner with, Search Talent, has tripled in size! We have consultants in Dublin, Galway, Romania & Germany. Plans are in motion for the USA. We are all working very closely.  We have got to know each other.  The interactions feel like a chat over coffee in the office.

Having colleagues all over the world with the expertise that comes with it has been a luxury of the plc. Now all businesses can get the skills they need by throwing out the old rule book.  Making your business more profitable and interesting.

We have been able to do this for years. Why haven’t we? It is more cost effective. It is more productive. Team members are healthier and happier. It has distributed wealth to small communities out from the cities.

The businesses we supply people to have opened their borders. More accurately: dissolved geographical borders. They are thriving. Minds are opening to winning business in these new locations. New markets come with new thinking on hiring.

People are the most important part of a business. Why not access the best talent you can find? Throw out the old rule book.


– written by Ross Ennis – Head of IT & Scientific Division

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