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Our deep understanding of the executive search recruitment industry and your skill set will pin-point the perfect fit for you. Search Talent’s specialist and dedicated team ensure you receive a new experience in recruitment. We understand that you are contemplating a life-changing event and we will always have this at the forefront of our minds - no matter what your level of experience is.


“I’ve been placed, as a client, by tech recruiters for around 15 years. That’s quite a lot of experience to call upon. Many of those recruiters have been very good, but I can honestly say that not many of those have been as conscientious as Alex, It was a pleasure working with him.”

“Sergiu is a professional recruiter with manners! His approach and attitude was absolutely class. He is a very responsive and hard working person, he made my transition between organizations smooth and painless. I highly recommend and wish everyone who searches for a new opportunity to come across Mr Maris!”

“What makes an exceptional executive recruiter? Whatever it is, Skai has got it in abundance. Skai’s knowledge of her client’s business and their industry was far superior to what I’ve seen from virtually all recruiters throughout my career. Her communication was always on point, no hyperbole, and always super responsive. As a candidate, my experience with Skai from start to finish was exceptional.”