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Our deep understanding of the executive search recruitment industry and your skill set will pin-point the perfect fit for you. Search Talent’s specialist and dedicated team ensure you receive a new experience in recruitment. We understand that you are contemplating a life-changing event and we will always have this at the forefront of our minds - no matter what your level of experience is.


I am delighted to recommend Alex for his outstanding assistance in helping me secure a new job in the IT industry. His expertise in the field, personalized approach, and commitment to finding the perfect fit for candidates are truly commendable. Thanks to his guidance and support, I successfully transitioned into a role that aligns perfectly with my skills and career goals. I highly recommend Alex to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable recruiter in the IT sector.
Thank you and good luck!

I’ve had the upmost pleasure getting to know Tiarnan, his approach & guidance throughout the entire process, made me feel at ease during my interview stages every single step of the way. I hope to cross paths with Tiarnan again in the not so far future.

“Alex was fantastic to work with throughout my search for a new position.
He kept me up to date with all developments, stayed in regular contact, checking up after interviews and giving tips beforehand.
His professionalism is second to none and I would thoroughly recommend him to everyone.
Many thanks to Alex for all the help!”

Alex is a friendly and extremely helpful recruiter! He found me a role with a fantastic company! He helped me through the entire process and kept me updated and in the loop without me having to chase him. Alex is highly professional and ensured I was well-equipped and prepared for the role.
Alex was an absolute angel sent by God, and even after I was successfully placed, he kept me updated and tried to resolve any issues till I joined the company!
Thanks a billion, Alex, for all your help and support.

“Josh was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He is professional, personable and genuinely wants to see his candidates succeed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a career in the property industry.”

(Translated by Google) I met Sofia on a beautiful career path.
It drove me from 0 to 100 in a new country (Greece)
At my side I found a girl available, very well prepared for work, and ready to provide for and help me in every little process (transfer, permits to be acquired, necessary work steps)
I have been alone in this process (selection, transfer, hiring) without ever actually being one.
I found myself for what there is is my working background, evaluating proposals for a new recruitment, but nothing comparable to what I found in Sofia
I think that only one word can sum up his professionalism and concreteness: passion.
After all, when someone does something they like, they always do it at their best, right?
This is what I always thought when I was confronted with Recruiter with 20 years of experience …
Imagine my amazement, when after settling in Athens, I open his LinkedIn profile and understand that he has “only” 2 months of experience
It is really true that when there is passion, experience little (nothing) counts. Definitely an example of professionalism, without ever being too “available”. I wish anyone who is trying to embark on a new career path today, to be able to do it with a person like her