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Our deep understanding of the executive search recruitment industry and your skill set will pin-point the perfect fit for you. Search Talent’s specialist and dedicated team ensure you receive a new experience in recruitment. We understand that you are contemplating a life-changing event and we will always have this at the forefront of our minds - no matter what your level of experience is.


“I had the chance to work with Enda the last few days. I have worked with recruiters in the past – Enda was one of the select few that, during our interaction, showed the qualities of a recruiter who is concerned both for the candidate and the employer. At the first stage of our interaction, Enda verified my background and tested my character. Once he was happy with the outcome, he revealed his clients’ details and we found the best match. During the second stage, he mentored me – walked me through the process of presenting both my qualities and flaws in an interview – presentation skills for small groups or interviews are very useful regardless of the context. The last stage ran quickly and with no obstacles or stalemates, thanks to Enda mediating for both parties. Personally, I am very satisfied with the outcome and I would recommend Enda to candidates and employers alike.”

“I want to offer a very big and sincere thanks to Lydia Alegro for her fantastic help. I can safely say I never dealt with any person over the phone who had an extremely lovely and very polite manner such as hers. I certainly cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone. The reception I got yesterday was truly first class and I was very grateful and it was very much appreciated. I very much look forward to working with Lydia again hopefully in the very near future!” Kevin

“Ashling is a motivated and results-driven recruitment consultant. She is a specialist in her field, Ashling is commercially aware and a consistent professional to both clients and candidates. In my opinion, Ashling is the best recruitment consultant I have worked with and I would highly recommend her to anybody seeking a top-notch recruitment service”.