A Search Talent First!

Thursday, 17th of November, marked a historic day in the Search Talent history books.

Our Commercial Director, Ben Lillington-Lester, was joined by his right-hand man Josh Williams as they led Search Talent’s inaugural webinar on CV Writing: Tips & Tricks.

It proved to be a popular first as they were booked out with candidates eager to absorb all the valuable knowledge and expertise on show. They ran through the purpose of a CV which is of course to secure an interview and in the interview is where you really shine.


Key points to note can be seen below:


  • Provide your employment history with the most recent first.
  • Stick to 2 pages – 3 MAX!
  • Use industry standard job titles.
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile – you should all have one!
  • Keep it short, clear and, OF COURSE, relevant.
  • Proofread your work, use spell and grammar check and get someone else to review.
  • Use bullet points – no need for novels
  • Use power words – designed, managed or developed



  • Use 1st or 3rd person – no “I did… or “Josh did”…
  • Use crazy colours and fonts (Calibri & Arial are best)
  • Add in tables and charts – keep it simple
  • Include a head shot or date of birth
  • Have an inappropriate email address – NO joshrules@gmail.com
  • Use jargon or acronyms
  • Put a statement in if you cannot back it up.

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