Applying for Jobs

In today’s competitive market, new jobs do not come easily. Getting a job requires careful planning and effort, even in areas of employment where demand is greater than supply. Employers use various methods of recruitment which depends on the nature of the job, company size, whether the job is permanent or temporary – be prepared to look in different places for the job you want.

When you come across a job advertisement that attracts you, it is important to analyse the ad carefully for indications about the job and the type of candidate required. After reading the description (carefully!) and you feel you meet the criteria and are interested in applying, the next step is to produce an effective CV.

The Curriculum Vitae is a summary of your personal details, education, work experience, achievements and interests. It should have a neat, structured layout and provide information in a clear, logical sequence. Take time with your CV – it is your introduction to a potential employer, and you want to make a good first impression! For help, advice and guidance creating the perfect CV, please get in touch.

Sometimes you may be required to fill out an application form in addition to attaching your resume. This should be approached with care. The information you provide should be accurate and complete. A poorly filled out application form creates a bad impression and may cause the application to be rejected.

The team at Search Talent are professional recruitment consultants and assist both clients and candidates with job vacancies. If you are looking for a new role or looking to hire new staff, please contact a member of our team. You can find open positions on our website at . Stay connected with us on LinkedIn and Instagram @searchtalentpeople



Skai Morkeliunaite – Accounting and Finance Recruitment Lead at Search Talent

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