CV Tips

Your CV is your opportunity to make the best first impression to your new potential employer.

You need to provide basic information that gives a very clear amount of detail on your education, work experience, skills and achievements and your career history with your latest work experience being visible first.

You may also need to provide a cover letter or an introductory note that gives an overview of why you want the role and importantly, why you believe you are the right person for the vacancy.

Tips for writing a CV
-Keep it simple and make sure the headings are clearly separated.
-Use a clear, easy to read letter font like Calibri.
-Limit it to two pages of the relevant and most important information.  
-Start with your name and contact details at the top. 
-Include your education, qualifications, relevant jobs and work experience.
-Look carefully at the job description.
-There is no need to include personal information such as your gender or     nationality.
-Make sure you can account for any gaps in your CV.
-If you are asked for referees, include the contact information of a past   employer, teacher or sports coach. Make sure to ask if they will give you a reference in advance.
-Get someone else to read it and check it before you e-mail it
-Send it to yourself also to make sure the formatting is correct
-If you are e-mailing your CV, make sure to save it in your own name. If it’s just ‘CV.doc,’ it will get lost in the system

CV checklist
-Does the formatting look nice and simple?
-Did you included a mobile phone number and an email address that you   check regularly?
-Did you leave out personal information such as your gender?
-Did you include your education, relevant jobs and work experience,     achievements, skills and interests?
-Did you stay honest about your qualifications?
-Did you use positive and concise language?
-Did you use action verbs to highlight your achievements?
-Is your CV relevant to the job you are applying to?
-Did you include a cover letter with your CV?
-Did you get someone else to read over your CV?
-Is your CV document saved under your own name?

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