Nurturing a healthy mind while working from home

Working from home, especially during the Covid19 pandemic, has taken its toll on us all. Each one of us is facing individual challenges with some people homeschooling children while trying to work and others living alone with their only interactions being emails/text messages. Now more than ever, we need to focus on our mental health and make the daily choice of nurturing our minds.

It has taken me the past year to figure out what works for me. Having a healthy mind is a lifelong journey that needs constant attention. Your necessities may change with time and each of us is different. It is not a one-size-fits-all. Below, I would like to outline some great tools to use when caring for your mind, it is recommended to try these tools for a few weeks before deciding if it is for you:

Must-do: Outdoor Activities: Indoor Activities:
Sleep Yoga Diary
Drink water Exercise Volunteering
Eat nutritiously Dance Support groups
Be kind to yourself Walks Painting
Separate your workspace Dog parks Singing
Have things to look forward to Gardening Reading
Keep a routine Hiking Find a new hobby
Be organized Meditation Me-time
Get outdoors Swimming Gratitude journal

It is important to think of the above as a tool kit, so if one is not working, you have a variety of other tools to choose from until you find what works best for you. Whether you do 2 or 12 of the above, it is important to stay consistent and not only do them when you feel down. If you eat good food every day to keep a healthy body – doing some of the above is the same for your mind.

So please, get outdoors and make the decision today that your mind is worth caring for 😊

Written by Cherie Byrne, Senior Multilingual Recruiter

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